Thursday, December 3, 2009

i'm not feeling nickasaur.

i was listening to a bunch of music on youtube today. i came across nickasaur and i didn't like it. not feeling it. sounds way too cliche and all over the place. oh well.
on another note, my english paper is due tomorrow. i only have one citation. that's okay, i believe. no vocabulary quiz in english either, which is awersome. haha. :)
i am planning on making a vid tomorrow. filming, editing, posting, and all that fun jazz. hopefully it won't be near as lame as my last one. i don't think i made the best impression on the youtube community so this vid will be better. i hope. :)

ily, friday.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

mysterygoogle/seeker is beast.

i got probably 4 or 5 people to look at my video because of mystery google. that's pretty super duper amazing. i also realized how ridiculously monotone and boring i sound. therefore i'll make another video soon and make it better... hopefully. share my vids with your friends, please and keep watching! thanks!

ily, mysterygoogle.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

first blog, what?

hey! i finally made a vlog and it's going on my youtube account. it's called, 'thank you, andrew bravener.' my youtube account is called 'annamintheart'. ;) i seem quite awkward in it, but hopefully it'll be super amazing and i'll get loads of subscribers and lots of followers on this blog. hurray!

ily, extensions on due dates.

Friday, November 27, 2009

hello. :D

i'm going to start vlogging and blogging. it'll be loads of fun, i think. time to make a video and attatch it as a video response to millions of videos. :) i'll be as amazing as amazingphil and strawburry17! they're pretty awesome so you should go check, check, check them out. :D what else do you do when you don't go shopping on black friday?

ily, thanksgiving break.